Hello world and welcome to my blog!

//Hello world and welcome to my blog!

Hello world and welcome to my blog!

Online Marketing 

I hope to share information about Online Marketing for businesses having an interest in building their marketing programs.   I realize, that like me, many probably struggle knowing where to start or improve on what they have.  After all, you need to keep up with what is going on with your business operations.  So how do you do this when trying to manage everything else you have to deal with?

You should consider the possibilities of how online marketing can help you.   As you move toward a online marketing program also called digital marketing, there is a lot to learn but there is also help.

A Fisher of Searchers

People today spend more time searching online using desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile to find things they want.   As a business, you want to be who they find when they search.  Getting positioned for being found is a key element in the process but, not the only one.   When someone finds you, you need to draw them in and nourish them to move from being seekers to customers.  After all, if they aren’t customers, there is no transaction of revenue for exchange of goods and services.

This is also known as moving people from A to Z on the buying scale.  Not everyone is ready to buy at the first contact and many businesses rely on this buy now mentality.   They don’t realize that it may be a period of time before the first transaction takes place.  They fail to capitalize on the A-Y possibilities.  For example, big ticket items often require more thought before a final decision is made.  While on the other side of the coin, there are products that require little thought when deciding to buy.  Moving people through this A-Z timeline is hard to do if you do not have an effective process to help.  Trying to manually move people often falls by the wayside because it is labor intensive and hard to keep up.  Online marketing gives you the ability to do electronic follow-up.  It is like putting things on autopilot.

  What’s In It For Me

Another key thing to remember is that shoppers do not care about you (being your business) as much as they do themselves.   WIFM (What’s In It for Me).  It’s up to you, the business owner, to show them why working with you is their best decision.  How do you do that? You need to determine and promote why you are different from your competition.  This is key and is better known as a USP or unique selling point.  I will cover this in another writing.

These are some of the things I will share information on in future posts.  If you would like to get a jump start about this marketing concept you can request our free Digital Marketing System E-Book.  If you are interested in having a free 30 minute consultation you can click the link below.  

Thanks and I look forward to your thoughts.



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