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Automation is the tie that binds.   Consider this scenario.  A prospect enters your business. They’re thinking about purchasing that great product or service. Your employee asks the customer’s name.  They then ask their mailing address, phone number and email address.  The employee tells the prospect they need it so they can mail or email the free product information guide.  The customer’s information then goes directly into your database.

Well trained, your representatives try to engage all of your prospects and customers being friendly but, non-intrusive.  Giving prospects something free gives your representative a reason to request their information.  Examples would include E-book, coupon or product information.  They can receive these right away on their mobile, or in the mail depending on what the give-a-way is.

If the prospect objects, your representative can gently explain the value and worth of these free items.  Give-a-way’s provide an opportunity for your business to connect with your new prospects.  This begins to establish a trust between your business and the prospect.

Once your representative inputs the prospects information into the data base, voila! You have a process in place to stay in touch with your new customer.

Here is an example of Marketing Automation System Follow-Up

Day 1: Your marketing automation system goes to work and emails a message to the prospect or new client.  It states how happy you are for them visiting your place of business.

Day 3: A post card is generated and sent. It is automatically printed and labeled by means of your automation systems. This is for daily mail. It directs your prospect to call if they have any questions that need answered.

Day 7: Your business representative, that greeted this prospect, receives a pop up reminder in his/her email. It states that it has been 7 days since the prospect visited your business. The representative is reminded to call the prospect asking if there’s anything that can be done to help them with their decision.

Day 9: The marketing automation system emails the prospect a special discount offer.

Day 10: The prospect returns to your business. They have the offer from the email they received and they buy this expensive great product. Cha Ching! You now have a new customer.

With Automation

With your automated marketing campaign, your prospect will be scheduled to receive points of contact.  The contact points will be at scheduled times and continue the conversation about the product or service.   It repeats with each new client entered into the database.

They may or may not buy right away.  But, there is now a relationship that may be fruitful in the future.  You can stay in touch with specials, holiday discounts or coupons etc.  Once they become a customer, you would be able to move them from your prospect database to your customer database.  There you would, for example, send a monthly email, newsletter or sales flier to keep in touch.

Consider this, if you had not automated your prospect list, would you have gotten the sale?  Maybe, but you increase the odds of a sale through automated communication.  Have you considered the lifetime value of a good customer?  Automation improves the odds of make lifetime customers.

Getting Started with Marketing Automation Systems

If marketing automation sounds like something you would want in your arsenal contact us today.  You’ll wonder how much money you have been missing out on by not having an automated follow-up process in place.  But, you will learn that it is better to wonder all the way to your bank!

We invite you to talk to us about this great way of keeping in touch with prospects and long-term customers!

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