Consulting is about healthy relationships and of course, understanding a client’s needs.  It is important to listen to what clients have to say.  Honest communication can provide Win/Win outcomes.  This is Jarrell Marketing Solutions.

Business owners work hard at running their operations.  Their success comes from their motivation.  Consulting on digital marketing concepts can help meet changing markets.  These new ideas can simplifying and even more, integrate manual processes.

 Some businesses find change difficult. However, in today’s world, marketing their company is critical.   Some need help, which is understandable and why we are here. Proper tools, along with internet marketing strategies, can make a significant difference.  The internet can open new opportunities like re-targeting customers, using social media and measuring effectiveness.  It can also be a little fearful when you are not sure where to start.  Our goal is to help businesses realize the possibilities as they make this transition.

 Our system provides for a way to have measurability and be accountable.   You can learn where leads come from and how they came.  You can also learn about your buyer’s characteristics.  The process will help you calculate your return on investment for campaigns.  Moreover, it helps make better marketing decisions for your business. 

Comparing expenses to revenue on marketing advertising has been difficult to track.  Most ad agencies tell you to increase your ad spend.  It has the “if you spend they will buy”, philosophy.  Without being able to measure ad results, how can you know if it was profitable?  We are not saying ads are wrong.  However, measuring is necessary.

Our Process:

Initial contact is by phone or email, followed by scheduling a time to visit.

At the meeting, we learn about your business and of course, what you are currently doing for marketing.   The next step is to understand your competition.  What sets you apart from them?  This is critical!  We look for your USP or Unique Selling Points, the first stage of our marketing system.  Once we have those, we then work on building a solid marketing strategy. Your strategy will entail three other stages of discussions:

Platforms and Offer’s – how and where do you find your customers?   Do you use incentives?

The Marketing Arsenal – what are the current methods of marketing used?  What are other options?

Automation – do you have an electronic database of customers for following up?

These four aspects become the basis of our discussion and building your marketing plan.  The result of this process, can skyrocket your revenues.  Many have had up to 25% increase per year.  Depending on stages in place, some have observed greater gains.  The greatest rewards are improved ROI and having a measurable working system in place.

Two Day Interactive Marketing Consulting Session:

The two-day program is an intense meeting time.   We help develop a customized marketing plan based on your business needs.  We document the conversation talking points to help assemble the plan.

With the marketing strategies, we draw everything together.  It can take a 10-12 month period to put the full plan in place.   You will notice improvements early on while they continue to improve with implementation of the plan.  Monitoring beyond that period is an option, but recommended.  Your business is not stationary so monitoring what has been set up is critical to staying on track.  The plan will be set up with monthly goals along with a timeline of target dates and assigned tasks for each side.

Other Marketing Consulting Options:

Our CEO is available for consulting on a limited basis each month.  We offer other options, ranging from short-term agreements to long-term relationships.  Most new clients start with the Two Day Interactive Marketing Consultation first.  Consultations can be at your location, or ours.  If you want consulting, contact us.  You can use the “Schedule a Meeting” button below.  Our CEO will call you about arrangements and preliminary detail.

“Learning from Others along the Way – Helps Us All Become Better at What We Do!”