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Consulting is about healthy relationships and understanding a client’s needs.  We desire to first understand and then be understood.  Honest communication can net Win/Win outcomes.  This is what Jarrell Marketing Solutions is about.

Business owners struggle to overcome the daily problems in running their operations.  Many do well managing their day to day business.  They are highly motivated educated professionals who are successful at what they do.

Some businesses struggle with marketing their company and just need some help.  Using the proper tools and strategies of internet marketing can make a huge difference.  The internet can open new opportunities.  It can also be a little intimidating when you aren’t sure where to start.   Our goal at Jarrell Marketing Solutions is to help businesses realize their full potential and help them through this transition.

 The system provides for both measurability and accountability.   You can learn what leads have generated sales and where they came from.  You can determine what your return on investment for that marketing cost is.  The system also helps you make better overall marketing decisions for your business. 

Historically being able to tie expense to revenue on marketing advertising has been difficult.  The general thought was to put more money into advertising and sales will come.  Without being able to measure the result of the ad means you have little idea if expense netted profitable returns.

Our Process:

At our consultation meetings we discuss your business and learn about your industry, customers, products and services.  We learn what you’re currently doing for marketing.   The next step is to learn what sets you apart from your competition.  This is critical!  In short, we look for your USP or Unique Selling Point(s), the first stage of our Marketing System.  Once we have your USP(s) we can then work on what it will take to build a solid marketing strategy. Your strategy will entail three other stages of discussions:

Platforms and Offer’s – how and where do you get customers from?  Do you use incentives?

The Marketing Arsenal – what are the current methods of marketing used? What else could be done?

Automation – do you have a database of customers and has it been digitized for electronic follow-up?

These four aspects become the basis of our conversation.  When they are joined together a marketing plan can be assembled. It really can Sky-Rocket your revenues.  Many have seen a 25% increase per year.  Some have seen greater gains depending on what stage their company is at in the marketing process.  The biggest reward is having a system in place that is measurable, accountable and that works.

Two Day Interactive Marketing Consulting Session:

The two day program is a more intense meeting time.   During this 14 hour period we would develop a Customized Marketing plan based on your business needs.  We will record the conversation talking points which will be used to help development the plan.

Once we have the marketing strategies your using we will design a plan incorporating internet marketing components .  We anticipate a 12-14 month time frame for completion.   Continued monitoring beyond that is an option, but recommended.   The plan will include a step by step month by month plan with tasks to be accomplished.   A timeline with target dates will be established.   Tasks will be required by both parties as the plan is implemented.

Other Marketing Consulting Options:

Our CEO is available for consulting on a limited basis each month due to current projects and other consulting clients.  We do offer other options, ranging from short term agreements to long term relationships.  We suggest that most new clients start with the Two Day Interactive Marketing Consultation first. Consultations can be arranged at your location, or ours, or set up in a boardroom environment at an upscale hotel.  You can contact us by scheduling a call using the button below if interested in consulting services.

“Learning from Others along the Way – Helps Us All Become Better at What We Do!”

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