Digital Marketing Transition for Small Business Today!

/, Digital Marketing/Digital Marketing Transition for Small Business Today!

Digital Marketing Transition for Small Business Today!

Digital Marketing and Small Business Today

Digital marketing in today’s business environment, is more complex and  has been a stumbling block for some business owners.   I also think owners of small businesses have been impacted the most.  It takes time and specialization to understand how to make digital marketing work.   Many find it hard trying to manage the day to day operations, while learning a new way of marketing.

How to Approach this Concern

As the world becomes more dependent on digital marketing, business owners need to adapt and utilize this growing methodology.  It can improve market share, growth and revenues.  Using the right processes makes a big difference in growing your client base as well.  While it can seem overwhelming, the most effective way to implement a program may be to work with an agency.  You eliminate the overhead of salary and benefit expenses to gain expertise in many areas.  It must, however, be an agency who is willing to partner and help put together a program based on your needs.  The programs, because they are so important, should be measurable and accountable in all cases and tailored to your business.

Your agency should be providing information through digital marketing reports regularly on the campaign(s) that are being developed and promoted.   Those reports should show you how the changes made are affecting your goals. 

The Importance of a Database

If you’re still only doing ad marketing are you tracking the leads that come from them?  Are you only working with customers who are ready to buy now?  Do you have a method of building a customer database that you can electronically market to through digital marketing?  If not, you may be leaving a lot of potential sales on the table. For those who do not buy, you need to slowly pull them along and helping them move from prospect to customer on the A-Z buying scale?   A digital process can help you do this and even do it automatically.  Did you know that there are ways to track referrals from your advertising campaigns and understand how many came from a particular campaign? If not, you may be missing a great opportunity!  Tracking campaign results will tell you whether you are putting your dollars into the right types of promotions.

I know that before I understood how this worked, it was always hard to figure out what the return on investment was for different promotions.  We could never get an accurate count of leads that came from specific ads.  Often, we would buy into a special events ad program, but never knew the success, if any, that came from that ad.  It was more like raffling dollars away.   I’m curious as to whether anyone else has been through that or if you are still caught in this circle? Digital marketing allows you to gain back control so that you know how your advertising is paying off.  Being able to help small businesses grow in this area gives us the greatest satisfaction.

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