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Email Marketing Company West Des Moines 

 Email Marketing can be used for sales and automated follow-up strategies!

Is your company actively pursuing an email marketing Campaign?

Email to Automation

Email marketing a key to sales, automation and  customer retention  An article from Inc. Magazine published in March of 2015 gives five reasons to increase your email marketing budget.

  1. “Use of email is still a strong method of reaching consumers and continues to grow.
  2. It can be used to introduce new campaigns and lead customers to your other marketing efforts. This allows businesses to grow their customer base.
  3. It strengthens customer relationships with stronger customer service.
  4. Email marketing is an effective use of your marketing budget.
  5. Jarrell Marketing Solutions does not use SPAM. We only use permission based strategies to build your customer base for email campaigns.  All content sent must provide material of interest.  Messages of interest will build anticipation by the reader compared to spam emails which will just be deleted.”
  6. One more important consideration – this can all be automated!

The Data Base

 Businesses use email for communicating to between employees, suppliers and customers.   Email marketing can be pre-scheduled for promotions to go out for special occasions.  Events like sales, holidays, company anniversary celebrations and other occasions.  That is why a database of customers is so important to your marketing program.  A database consists of information you collect from all points of contact.  It include’s, sales people, receptionist, phone calls, responses to ads, fliers, coupons, free information, ebook, DVD and so on.  These contacts enable an exchange of information with a prospect.  This begins the email method of staying in touch with people who are still prospects and those who have  become customers. 

The Value of Staying Connected

Quality information can be provided about your services.  Mailing can start as soon as their information is in the system.

After they become a customer, they can be moved to the customer database and removed from the prospect list.  Your customer database presents lifetime value opportunities to retain and serve each client.  It helps to keep them updated on what is new.   

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