Email Marketing

Email Marketing 

 Email Marketing can increase sales.  You can also automate it to follow-up with customers!

Does your company have an email marketing campaign in place?

Email Marketing with Automation

Email marketing is a key to customer growth and retention.  With the use of automation, email can simplify the process of organizing, file maintenance and campaigns.  Inc. Magazine, September 29, 2014, published five reasons businesses should increase their email budgets. 

“Email is an easy way to reach mobile customers.

It is an effective way to keep customers informed.

Email coupons drive online and in-store sales.

It is easy to customize and integrate into other marketing tactics.

Email marketing is inexpensive.”

In addition, automation brings everything together. 


Remember that SPAM is against the rules.  Likewise, only send email to customers that agree to receive them.  Furthermore, send content of interest and value.  A message that holds valuable content will hold the customers attention while, unwanted spam gets’ deleted.  When you present a free offer that provides value to the reader, they are more agreeable to staying in touch.  

The Database Use

Businesses use email for communicating with employees, suppliers and customers.  Email marketing, for that reason, is great for promoting information and programs to each group.  Programs can be set up and scheduled to go out at predetermined times.  It frees up staff for other tasks.  You can plan events in advance like sales, holidays, anniversaries and other special occasions.  

A database of customers is important to your marketing program.  It should hold customer information collected from all of your points of contact.  This lets you stay in touch with your customers about your promotions.    Similarly, keeping them informed improves the chance that they will return to you when they have a need for your product or service.


Protect customer contact information and do not sell or disclose it to third parties.  We are not attorneys and refer you to them for more information.   You should include what you do with contact information in your privacy policy  and website.  For that reason, most websites use opt-in forms for gaining customer permission. Make sure, those who give permission, are aware of the policy and how to remove their permission or opt out.

The Value of Staying Connected with Email Marketing

Above all, staying connected allows you the opportunity to send campaigns and updates about scheduled events.   Emails can start once their information is in the system.  After a prospect makes their first buy, you would move them from the prospect database to the customer database. This is the lifetime value opportunity you want to build.   Email allows you to continue marketing to your database, especially when using automaton.

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