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We are about internet marketing and how we can help small business owners get better returns on investment.  It’s about building their business for the future! Welcome to Jarrell Marketing Solutions, a internet marketing agency, but first a little about me, it’s founder.  Hello! I am Mike Jarrell, a native of Iowa and Navy Veteran.  I earned my bachelor degree in Marketing from the  University of Northern Iowa.  My experience includes working in manufacturing, education and health care.  My interests include family time,  home projects, reading and in the past scuba and flying.  I started the company because I believe in what this program offers businesses today, a new chance to build and compete more effectively in the digital age.

Our company focus is on your internet marketing growth and development.

Most of my marketing experience has been managing health care facilities.   I came across this system while searching for opportunities.  For companies who embrace these concepts they have had great success with their marketing growth and return on investment.  The key is in using a measurable and accountable process.  The system is fairly new, so many businesses are not aware of it.  The basic steps include discovering your unique selling points, establishing platforms and offers, using the marketing arsenal and automating.  Each of those stages presents growth opportunity on their own but together they produce a synergistic effect.  In other words, the sum of the whole is stronger than its individual parts.

Helping business owners develop their marketing efforts so they can better control programming is rewarding in itself.  It makes everyone appreciate what this  internet marketing program can attain.  The key is in  following the system!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Internet Marketing Team

Our staff of gifted professionals bring a variety of experiences and skills.  This enables Jarrell Marketing Solutions to produce positive outcomes for our clients.

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