Our mission is to help build your business success with measurable digital marketing that will skyrocket your business to new heights!

We fulfill that mission by helping you use systemization

People ask how to begin this transition?  This is a valid question. However, there are many marketing options out there.   The question is how do you choose the right approach for your business? Many companies use branding, such as traditional advertising in newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and fliers. Though this has worked previously, there are many opportunities in the digital marketing world to get your message out more cost effectively, retain customers and increase revenue. Our strategy includes a four- stage process.

Stage 1 – USP or (Unique Selling Point)

The best place to start is with an evaluation or self-audit of your business.  It is important to learn what your clients want or need from you. We call this discovering your USP.

When promoting your business, in any form of marketing, you want to use your USP every time.  You’ll want to go deeper into brand identification.  From discovering your USP(s), you can develop a plan for implementing the most appropriate types of programs for generating the best ROI or return on investment.

Stage 2 – Platforms and Offers

Platforms are all the ways you are in contact with customers where there can be an exchange of information. This is important because every contact is a new opportunity to add that person to your database. If you do not have a database of contacts, it is important to develop one.  Examples of platforms used to build a database could include telephones, sales staff, receptionist, mailings, trade shows or fairs, etc. 

Today you can also build databases electronically. Providing free offers of information, discounts, coupons etc., are all ways of getting prospects information.  When they request your offer, they provide you access to their contact information.  It is timely and takes place where they are located making it a global possibility.  It is important also to let them know they can unsubscribe or withdraw their information and how to do this.

Stage 3 – Marketing Arsenal

The marketing arsenal pushes people to the platforms where they can buy or request more information.  Good marketing should always point to a platform that will have a CTA or call to action.  We want to know the market, media and message to use then decide which piece of the marketing arsenal to focus on.  This is a starting point that can grow to include other tools.  Examples of arsenal tools include:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization – On Site or On Page

Off Site SEO with carefully planned links and social media

Local SEO using citation building in directories

Pay Per Click Marketing and Re-targeting & PPC Networks

CPM or Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions

Video SEO

Mobile Apps

Direct Mail marketing

Classified Ad marketing

Content Marketing


Radio Marketing


Social Media

And much more

This arsenal is not fixed and can be built to grow as your business needs change.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 91%
Social Media Optimization 90%
Content or log Marketing 92%
Squeeze or Landing Pages for Lead Generation 90%
Affiliate Marketing Integration 90%
PPC through Google, Bing & Yahoo 90%
PPC through Social Media Websites 91%
Mobile Apps 91%
Podcasting 91%
Email Marketing 92%
Marketing Automation 91%

Stage 4 – Automation

Automation is the most overlooked aspect of many marketing programs today.  Marketing companies will do some parts of the other three stages, but automation pulls everything together.  It builds repeat business taking much of the work out of trying to remember to do follow-ups and for whom. When you couple a marketing plan that has measurability and accountability along with analytic reports from Google, you are able to calculate your return on investment along with the lifetime value of your customers. You can also know where to focus your investment to improve the results of your marketing efforts.

We understand that every business is at a different stage when it comes to marketing and may not be able to start with a four-stage campaign program. What is important, as mentioned before, is that you can start where you are, grow, and build your program as you see results.

Every situation and budget is unique. There is no one size fits all internet marketing package. We will sit down together and discuss options while helping you plan a tailored marketing program for your company.

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