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PPC Marketing Des Moines 

PPC Marketing or Pay-Per-Click  is when you set up an advertising campaign. Each time a visitor to your site clicks on your campaign ad you will pay a preset cost.  Your goal is to try to get your viewer to take an action by responding to a landing page or squeeze page.   This is a page with only one thing in mind. The goal is to get them to fill out a form to request free information or take advantage of offers. This is in exchange for their contact information.  On your form you will ask for their name, email, phone or address. It is for whatever information you think would be necessary.

When setting up a PPC campaign:

 1. You want to decide your goals – what is it you want to achieve, getting a sale, leads, sign-up for newsletter etc.
2.  Decide which search engine ad program you plan to work with, Google. Bing or Yahoo.  These are the most common platforms.
3.  Select keywords to use in your Ads that someone would use when searching for your product or service.
4.  Set your bid for different Adword’s and select your daily or monthly budget.
These are four basic steps but there is more to the process of selection and evaluation as a measure of success.
When someone goes to your site and clicks on the Adword you will get charged.  PPC can be expensive. Many companies advertise in this manner because of placement in the top of the ads on Google. The goal is visibility for which ever resource used.   PPC can work on commodity or service Adword’s. Variables include how many people are bidding along with the quality of the ad and content used.  It must be relevant. 
With analytics on your website you can track the responses and see what Adword’s get the most clicks.  It allows you to make changes that can influence a better outcome for the cost.  You can adjust your bid or reset your budget to focus on what is working. This also saves money by not continuing to pay for what is not working.

PPV Marketing Des Moines & Surrounding Communities

Another resource like Pay Per Click is Pay Per View.  PPV is set up based on a thousand views before you get charged.  PPV Marketing is often used to try and build brand recognition.  It is like PPC except for the cost spread for clicks.

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