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Social Media Des Moines

Social Media brings to mind people sharing information about themselves, friends and families. For business it is another opportunity to connect with people you don’t know.
Businesses use blogs and social platforms for sharing information about whats happening.  Building content through blog posts or articles lets you share information. This network will grow as the information spreads through the sharing process.  When shared through the different social networks your business gets exposure. 
The dialogue can and should be relationship and trust building.  It important to link back to your website from each writing and include your brand-logo and site link.  It builds branding and awareness. 
Another tip is to search for forums or areas of specialty groups that may be a good business connection.  This allows for participation and socialization with people of like minded business topics.
With Social Media Marketing you can manage your campaigns through different platforms. Examples include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and others. Unless your a large company with a full staff, you may want to stay with 2-3 platforms to keep things manageable.

 Benefits of Social Media

Is Social Media marketing hype? No, it is actually growing in popularity. Google is making changes to their algorithm because of the growth of mobile usage. Mobile is beginning to exceed desktop searches. Social Media grows exponentially as articles and posts get shared.  As this occurs mobile increases in value to Google because of relevance.  Third, it will help your positioning in Google rankings. Do this to optimize your business.
Social Media Marketing AND Strategy. This combination will help your business grow. Contact Jarrell Marketing Solutions and we will work together to socialize your business. Call us at 800-824-4655 or use the Schedule a Meeting button to set up a free 30 minute appointment with our CEO.

You can call us at 800-824-4655 or schedule a free 30-minute consultation by clicking on the Schedule a Meeting button which will take you to our CEO, Mike Jarrell’s calendar.