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Is your website design current?

Website design is often the first impression your visitors get these days.  You want it to be a good one!  Not only does it need to be responsive, it also needs to keep people’s attention visually and through the written content. 


A responsive website is one that will adapt to different platforms.   This would include desktops, laptops, ipads, mobile devices and now watches.  Responsiveness is critical!  If your site doesn’t adapt when  opened on different devices you won’t hold the customers attention.  You could lose them at that point.  The reason is, they have other choices, your competition.  When the on-the-go buyer wants something they won’t wait.

Other Important Considerations

Other things to be aware of besides the visual and functionality include the titles, headings, keywords, content, links and relevance.  Each of these is used by Google to establish your ranking or search engine placement.  That is why SEO ties so closely to having a good website design.  It helps you get and keep searchers on site or bring them back later.   

Why keywords:  that is what people search for. You need to think as a buyer to use the right ones.  They are used in titles, headings and content.

Why relevance: it shows that your content is what people are searching for and this is important to Google.  If you are a new business or looking at upgrading your website to be more current and responsive keep these things in mind.  Also remember the website is part of your branding.

If you’re a business owner that doesn’t have a website, your business may already be at risk.

Everyone expects a successful business to have a engaging website. In fact, some prospective customers might refuse to do business with you if you don’t have a captive website design.   This is a change in how customers react in today’s market and one that businesses need to keep up with.  You will find, that many people start their shopping by searching the internet.   Will they find your company listed high in the paid ad or organic sections of Google?  Are you on Google Maps?   Or, will they find your competition?

Even if you have a website for your business, you could potentially have a problem attracting prospects and customers. Your website design needs to be highly functional, navigationally friendly and SEO or search engine optimized.

As mentioned before, it needs to be able to adapt and work flawlessly on mobile devices.  That’s why a website’s responsiveness is so critical today!

The goal of your website design should be to welcome new viewers and provide basic information that gets them interested in what you have to offer.  It needs to hold on to their attention, provide relevant information and keep them coming back.   Of course there is a lot more to consider, but this is one of the critical components.  New viewers may not be become customers right away.   If they return, it will increase the chances of them converting to be a customer. “Is your website design giving them what they want?”  Is it responsive to the equipment they are using so they find you?  Are you offering them something “FREE” in exchange for their information so they can go into your database? Are you providing an incentive for them to return? 

So what does it take to strengthen your presence on the website?


Deciding what your website’s is trying to accomplish.  Are you looking for leads or sales? A lot depends on your business type. One important step is to provide a free offer where the visitor will receive some value for signing up.  Ideas include E-Books, free trial, coupons, DVD or other free options you can make available. This puts them into your database.  This is also where automation begins along with your ability to stay in touch with your  not yet customers.


In your design, you want to be able to target your focused audience. If it is off target your visitor will leave. Remember your content must be directed to your primary customer and the need they are trying to satisfy. Also remember WIFM (What’s In It for Me), Your customers primary focus!


Your visitors must be able to easily contact you. If they are not able to reach you, you will lose sales revenue and returning customers. Make your free offers visibly available on every page on your website. Clearly explain how you can be contacted at the bottom of the page if necessary. However, it’s preferable for your visitors to have easy access to your contact form. We can help create a great form for visitors to contact you which will link them to your automated system.  The opt in gets them their free information or gift.


Without analytics to track your visitor’s actions on your website you won’t know the effectiveness of  your efforts. Through tracking you understand crucial data for example:

a) At what point during the checkout did your customers decide to buy, or not?

b) What is your bounce rate? (amount of time site visitors stay on your site)

c) Which site pages do visitors seek out the most?

All of these factors should be considered for a successful website design. Do this and your website will provide the detail and ROI you’re looking for.

Don’t forget Social Media’s importance to your website.

A responsive website must work across various platforms but, especially mobile now that it is a primary key with Google ranking.

Don’t neglect your social media marketing channels. Invite your social media visitors to your site to like, connect, follow or even comment.   This is so you can stay in contact and present them special offers such as coupons and discounted sales. Do this for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and your YouTube channel. Offer them your podcast or develop one so they will know all of the cool and new information about what you can do for them.  Remember to show them WIFM (What’s in it for Me).

Your contact form should always be emphasized on your site. It should be ultra-easy to find and complete. Make it clear that you want to develop a relationship with your visitors before your sale and then you will have a lifelong customer.  It’s not about the quick sale but those that keep coming back.  Invite them to be part of your business community.  Capture their life-time value!

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